What do you charge? 

Every project is different depending on the type, complexity and timeline of the project.

That said, my rates are very affordable, in the 20-40 an hour range. For specific long-term projects I am willing to do work on a by-project basis.  

What happened to Venus Ranieri Designs? 

I'm glad you asked! I've been trying to think of a better name for this company for around 4 years now that still payed homage to my existing brand and logo. Through brainstorming different names with other creative people, I landed on Bold Planet Creative. I felt it really fit the type of work and company I want to become. 

Please bear with me while the transition happens! 

Is your name really Venus? 

Yup! Venus Melody Ranieri is the name, making your creative ideas come to life is the game.

Are you available to come to meetings/Events? 

My company is remote first. Which allows me to be available whenever a client needs me, within reason. 

If you require someone on the ground, or would like to meet face-to-face, that can be arranged depending on your location! 

How Do I pay you? 

You can pay via a variety of ways. 

I accept PayPal, Venmo, or Checks. 

Why is your Portfolio password protected? 

Due to my work with some larger brands, I cannot show/share my work on my public website. The password ensures that I am not violating any of my contracts. Additionally, some information may be redacted in my portfolio per clients wishes. 

I don't make the rules. I just play by them. :)